With 97% In, Fidler Narrows Gap With Storobin [Update]

David Storobin (Photo: Facebook)

Update: Sources tell the Politicker that one of the remaining voting machine memory sticks was added to the below total, giving Mr. Storobin over a 100 vote boost, putting his new margin at 143 and actually expanding his Election Day total. There are four sticks left.

According to multiple sources, recounting last night’s voting machine numbers has given a slight boost to Democratic candidate Lew Fidler, reducing his overall deficit from 120 to 38, with 97% of the vote in.

Today’s recanvass was only checking the voting machines’ memory sticks, and there will still be a recount of the paper ballots, in addition to counting the absentee votes and provisional ballots later on.

The Daily News‘ Celeste Katz has the total for the two candidates at 10,505 and 10,362 respectively.

However, there are large caveats with this total and it would be inadvisable for either party to be overly optimistic until the remaining machines are counted. If the remaining tallies come from electoral turf favorable to Mr. Storobin, he could see his margin boosted by a couple hundred still, or, hypothetically, vice versa for Mr. Fidler.

If either candidate possesses a lead of a couple hundred when the final machines are accounted for (and that might not happen until tomorrow), and if the lead is maintained in the count of the paper ballots, it could present a nearly insurmountable lead overcome going into the 757 absentee ballots.

(The provisional ballots, which are likely to be mostly invalidated, probably won’t have a significant impact.)

For example, if one candidate has a 220 vote lead going into the absentee vote count, the opposing candidate would need to win almost 65% of the absentee vote to overcome the deficit, a tall order considering the election day vote was effectively split 50% to 50%.

  With 97% In, Fidler Narrows Gap With Storobin [Update]