Field for Uptown Council Seat Won’t Stop Growing

Mark Otto (Photo: Facebook)

Add another name to the list of those contemplating competing for term-limited Councilman Robert Jackson’s seat. Mark Otto, an assistant principal at a public high school, already has registered a campaign committee and created a campaign website.

Understandably, Mr. Otto’s campaign pitch relies heavily on his background as a teacher. According to his website, Mr. Otto “is a kind, passionate, dedicated and reflective leader that has a clear vision for successful schooling in New York City.”

“He understands that each student has a story, which adds to the rich fabric of the school community,” it continues. “Mark has developed strong, lasting relationships with the students and families he serves and because of that, he has a deep understanding of the various issues that affect the lives of our citizens in New York City.”

Other possible candidates in the race include District Leaders Maria Luna, Marisol Alcantara, and Mark Levine, as well as Socrates Solano, an aide to Congressman Charlie Rangel, Cheryl Pahaham, the outgoing vice chair of Community Board 12, former District Leader April Tyler and community activist Julius Tajiddin.

Despite the crowded field, the election is quite a ways off. Voters won’t head to the polls until 2013.

Field for Uptown Council Seat Won’t Stop Growing