Google Accidentally Misspells Name of Its Own Product

Goodbye Google Wave, hello Google Wage.

An email sent from "Google Wage." (

If you got an email in your inbox today from the Google Wage team, it’s not an announcement about a new paycheck tracking tool from the ‘Plex. Nor is it a social bet-placing arena, where you can play poker with your friends. Actually, it’s just a PR faux pas: Google misspelled the name of its own product.

In an email sent to users about the shuttering of Google Wave, the sender name was spelled “Google Wage,” an obvious misspelling of “Google Wave.” Perhaps Google’s PR team was so busy pretending old search features are new that they forgot how to spell.

As with most embarrassing events, Twitter users didn’t miss a beat: Soon, a hashtag was born.

“Love it when a billion dollar company can’t spell their own product name,” tweeted designer Alex Cornell, along with a screenshot of the offending email.

Some users saw opportunity in Google’s mistake. “Dear @google, If you hire me, I promise to never misspell your product names. I’m great at proofing,” said Christine, who goes by @thechristinecg.

It’s fair to note that the “V” and “G” keys are adjacent on the keyboard, and everyone makes typos now and then. But perhaps hiring another proofreader isn’t such a bad idea afterall. Google Accidentally Misspells Name of Its Own Product