Governor Cuomo on ‘The Big Ugly’ [Video]

(Photo: Getty)

In typical Albany fashion, the New York State Legislature suddenly passed a slew of bills in the middle of last night. Governor Andrew Cuomo went on to tout the significant policy changes in a video released this morning.

Mr. Cuomo’s successful negotiations with the Legislature included a compromise on redistricting reform, a new tier of pensions to restrain costs, a new DNA databank aiming to curb crime, a constitutional amendment to legalize casino gambling, and a deal on teacher evaluations.

“My friends, change is never easy, but today we have shown that it is possible,” Mr. Cuomo stated. “Once again we are putting the voices of the people ahead of the demand for the special interests. The government works for the people, that’s the way it should be.”

Watch Mr. Cuomo make the pitch for the late night legislation below:

Governor Cuomo on ‘The Big Ugly’ [Video]