Greenfield Says New ‘Super Jewish District’ Would Be ‘Ghetto Politics’

City Councilman David Greenfield held a press conference in Boro Park this morning to slam plans to create a new “Super Jewish” district in South Brooklyn which would consolidate Jewish neighborhoods there into one State Senate district.

Mr. Greenfield compared the effort to create the district to efforts 500 years ago in “The Republic of Venice” where, “They created a specific neighborhood for Jews to live in. They told Jews ‘It would be good for you. Why don’t you want to live with everybody. We are going to separate you we are going to put you in a neighborhood.”‘

“They gave us a grand new name for that neighborhood,” Mr. Greenfield continued. “They called it a ghetto.”

Mr. Greenfield added that the new district was a “ghetto district” and the creation of it was “ghetto politics at its worst.”

The district had been pushed by the powerful social service organization Agudath Israel and had been supported by Senate Majority Dean Skelos, who saw it as a chance to steal a Republican seat in the Democratic-heavy borough of Brooklyn.

(Or, at the very least, elect a conservative Democrat in the mold of Assemblyman Dov Hikind who would be able to work closely wth the Republicans.)

Many in the Jewish community, however, have felt that in the end, the measure would dilute the power of Jews in Albany, since instead of the six senators which now represent the neighborhood, there would be only one that did so.

Mr. Greenfield noted that if the district were created, he would likely win it since he represents most of the area in the City Council.

“Some people may even call it a “Super Greenfield district,” he said, but he noted that it would in the end be bad for the Jews.

Take a look, video courtesy of Yeshiva World News:


Greenfield Says New ‘Super Jewish District’ Would Be ‘Ghetto Politics’