Hakeem Jeffries Officially Nabs Working Families Party Nod

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries officially received the endorsement of the politically influential Working Families Party tonight in his primary campaign against the incumbent Congressman Ed Towns. Although it was expected Mr. Jeffries would receive the nod, the WFP doesn’t often back primary challenges against sitting Democratic Representatives and the endorsement is notable.

“Now more than ever, we need progressive champions like Hakeem Jeffries who will stand up for working class, middle class and poor people,” Dan Cantor, the executive director of the party, announced in a statement.

Because of unique electoral circumstances this year, congressional primary elections look likely to be held on a completely different primary date than the rest of the elections in the state. Practically, this means that turnout will be rather low and having troops on the ground — like the Working Families Party has historically provided for their preferred candidates — could easily have a significant impact.

For his part, Mr. Jeffries extolled the party, saying, “Working Families Party was born with a mission to stand up for working and middle class families and support candidates who share that goal. With their organizational talents and volunteers, we will stand together for good-paying jobs, quality schools and affordable housing for Brooklyn families.”

Councilman Charles Barron is also competing in the June 26th Democratic primary.

Hakeem Jeffries Officially Nabs Working Families Party Nod