Inside the Brothels of the Rich and Famous: Welcome to the Hovel of Love and Sheffield Arms

How much for a night here? (Property Shark)

What’s a better way to blow the last few thousands of your Wall Street bonus than on a prostitute?

The market is shriveling up, however. In recent months, The NYPD has made some strong sweeps in removing high profile prostitutes off the streets. Well, out of their apartments—no one actually walks the streets anymore thanks to Craiglist and

But some of their apartments are a bit iffy. The Upper East Side madam draws her men into the lair at 304 East 78th Street that the Post so eloquently describes for about $2,000 a night:

Welcome to the Hovel of Love — and help yourself to free Coors Light, instant coffee and only the finest in economy his-and-her pleasure products.

And who needs 900-count linen when synthetic paisley fabrics are so much more washable?

[…] Pay no attention to the plastic Buddha staring at you from the mantel of the working fireplace.

If that’s not bad enough, imagine the long proverbial walk of shame—in your town car—all the way back down to the Financial District.

Another prostitute, Stephan Grevings, or “Dave Bruno” on, was nailed in his Midtown apartment at the Sheffiled by the police back in October. He rents the apartment from an Italian couple for $3,150 a month, the Real Deal reports, though rent that is easily covered by his fees: a session costs $325 and a full night costs $1,700. But the condo building board is taking him to court to kick him out:

The Sheffield’s bylaws prohibit unit owners from using their apartments for illegal activity, and also ban “immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use,” the suit says. The condo board claims that, in addition to violating the building’s regulations, Greving’s alleged actions put the health, safety and well-being of other residents at risk.

“Since first learning of the situation, the condominium has been enforcing all of its rights and remedies in this case,” Rob Braverman, a partner with Braverman & Associates who is representing the condo board, said in a statement to The Real Deal. “We are pursuing all available legal avenues to put an immediate end to the situation.”

The owners of the apartment—the Italian couple—have not evicted him from the apartment, however. Either something was lost in translation or who cares when the rent check doesn’t bounce. Inside the Brothels of the Rich and Famous: Welcome to the Hovel of Love and Sheffield Arms