Introducing Survivalist Singles: Online Dating for the Doomsday Set

When the apocalypse comes, you may or may not need this book. (

Sometimes it seems like the eligible pool of people on dating sites like OkCupid and just don’t understand how close the apocalypse looms. Some of us are more interested in gathering wood than sexting pictures of it, if ya know what we mean. A dickpic isn’t going to keep us from freezing to death come the End Times.

Luckily, for rapture rooters and those convinced economic collapse is nigh, you don’t have to face the apocalypse alone. Survivalist Singles, an online dating site for “preppers”–a subculture of people preparing for future large-scale disasters–is here to find you a similarly minded partner with whom you can face the future. Because nothing says “I love you” like a garage full of water bottles and plant-friendly manure created with your own shit.

According to CNN, membership on Survivalist Singles has quadrupled since the site’s inception in 2010. As of this writing, the site statistics boast 1,680 members, almost 70% of whom are male. Survivalist Singles is basically a jackpot for ladies pining for someone to complete their paranoid pair, a slick gunslinger with a talent for zombie hunting and tying Boy Scout-approved knots. And FYI ladies, if you’re wearing a backpack in your photo, some guys think you’re “an automatic 10.”

Survivalist Singles is just one segment of the blossoming “preppers” set, a group of people who spend their free time hunting, scavenging and practicing survival tricks so that they’ll be prepared when the apocalypse strikes. We may have laughed at those rapture rascals, but even National Geographic is hopping on the survivalist bandwagon. Next week, they’ll debut a new show called “Doomsdayers,” that gives us a peek into the lives of this “secretive American subculture.”

There are tons of niche dating sites out there, of which Survivalist Singles is just one. But it’s definitely one of the most entertaining ones we’ve seen in a while. If hoarding canned goods is your thing, be sure to join the site before its owner introduces a $5 fee, perhaps with the accompanying slogan, “Find love for less than the price of a box of bullets.”

So romantic.

Introducing Survivalist Singles: Online Dating for the Doomsday Set