Is Everyone as Confused as We Are By This Spammy Randi Zuckerberg Fan Site?

Welcome to the latest bottom-feeder in the Zuckerberg economy! Randi Zuckerberg, you-kn0w-who’s sister who quit Facebook last year to start her own PR firm, has a fan. This morning we stumbled across a bizarre website that seems dedicated to cracking the top ten Google results for “Randi Zuckerberg.” At first, we thought it was the official site of Ms. Zuckerberg’s agency, R to Z Media. But the real site has a slick single landing page with just an email address. Of course: Randi doesn’t need to advertise.

But it might be in Zuck the Elder’s interest to add a few pages, lest her spammers upset her in search rankings. The imitator, R to Z Media News, is packed with keywords and features a purported copy of Ms. Zuckerberg’s resignation letter as well as a YouTube video entitled, “Randi Zuckerberg On Republicans.” It’s riddled with ads, random capitalization and spelling errors. “Randi Zuckerberg is the Sister of Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg .She was born on February 28, 1982. Randi is a graduate of Harvard University and has a passion for Italian opera and Broadway showtunes.”

The site also has a section called “RtoZ Polls.” The first question: “Do you like the name RtoZ Media?” Yeah, we like it.

Most of the site consists of scraped news articles obliquely related to Ms. Zuckerberg. The site offers the code for its R to Z news scraping widget.

This RtoZ media news website started getting huge traffic immediately after launching this site. So, we can understand the huge potential of the websites showing RtoZ Media related News.

Many people are contacting us to know how to display RtoZ Media news in their websites.

Everyone can easily show the RtoZ Media related News using the RSS feed

Most of wordpress Themes will be having options to show the News using the RSS feed.

You can customize the size and look & feel of the RtoZ Media News display here, and you can easily show the RtoZ Media news in desired way.

Pasting the code generated by clicking “Generate Javascript” will show RtoZ Media News in your site as below.

Head ‘asplode. It’s like the proprietor wants to found some kind of spammy Randi fan club. He or she is also offering the following domains for sale:,, and There must be a cease-and-desist on its way, right?

Is Everyone as Confused as We Are By This Spammy Randi Zuckerberg Fan Site?