James Franco to Star in Telenovela Hollywood Heights, Definitely Doesn’t Speak Spanish

James Franco, non-Spanish-speaking star (Getty Images)

James Franco is always flirting with concept of just going all-in, balls-out bonkers. Which would be a respectable trade for the Academy Award nominee. Take, for example, his going back on General Hospital three times, which was actually a ruse for him to do performance art (or hold an art show, or make a movie) during a soap opera, even though the joke seems to be on him, because we all know that he thinks he’s making this meta-cultural critique at this point, so why is he still signing up for new seasons? You did it dude, good job, move on.

That’s why we were initially excited to hear that James Franco was joining a telenovella for Nick at Night. A Mexican soap opera! That would certainly be taking it to the next level, since it would require the actor with a billion MFAs and PhDs and teaching credits at NYU to actually learn some Spanish.

But no…once again, society has let Mr. Franco off the hook without making anything of himself.

From Vulture:

James Franco will be in a mutli-episode arc on Nick at Nite’s upcoming primetime soap Hollywood Heights, the network announced today. What magic is this! The show, formerly known as Reach for the Stars, is based on a Mexican series about a shy girl who becomes a pop star after winning a songwriting competition.

So it’s based on a Mexican soap opera, but its actually in English. Thus making Mr. Franco’s appearance no more exciting say, than his General Hospital cameos.

In fact, all we’ve learned from this is that Mr. Franco is willing to do any soap opera, ever, even if its one that isn’t that popular and is based on a Mexican series we’ve never heard of. He just is that dedicated, and apparently has that much time to kill before his next lecture/movie/art show where he carves the names of dead celebrities into his arm.

James Franco to Star in Telenovela Hollywood Heights, Definitely Doesn’t Speak Spanish