Jersey City mayor rips FERC pipeline decision

TRENTON – The Jersey City mayor criticized today’s federal decision that helps push further along the gas pipeline expansion project in northern New Jersey.

Mayor Jerramiah Healy ripped into the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission which issued an environmental impact statement about the tri-state project that involves parts of  New York and Connecticut.

“There is nothing green about this report that essentially green lights this unprecedented, dangerous gas line,” Healy said in a release.

“While FERC’s position is unsurprising, there is no doubt the proposed line could imperil invaluable natural habitats, precious and diverse ecosystems, billions of dollars in economic infrastructure, and the more than a quarter million residents of Jersey City.”

The plan involves more than 20 miles or new or replacement pipeline, but Healy raised one of the opponents’ chief concerns, that this pipeline will run through densely populated areas.

“Other avenues remain for the City, together with its environmental and community allies and the organizations that line our financial district known as ‘Wall Street West,’ to thwart the applicant’s efforts to ram through this project without appropriate scrutiny or transparency,”  he said.

“We will employ every means at our disposal to avert the danger posed by the pipeline. Our residents, businesses, and environment deserve nothing less.”

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