Jessica Grose and Gilbert Cruz Named Editors at

Vulture, New York magazine’s stand-alone culture blog, has hired two new editors, editor Josh Wolk announced today.

The first is Jessica Grose, the former Jezebel currently overseeing Slate’s DoubleX. She will fill the  deputy editor position Willa Paskin recently left to become television critic at Salon. (We’ll have Foster draw up another visual aid just as soon as he gets back from Jamaica.)

And don’t forget that Ms. Grose’s debut novel, Sad Desk Salad (about a blogger, naturally), is due out in September.

Gilbert Cruz has been made a senior editor. He now holds the same post at, which he joined from Entertainment Weekly.

“Grose and Cruz will be conceiving and editing more insightful news analysis, hilarious slideshows and unique takes on pop culture for the site, the entertainment destination from New York magazine, as well as building up Vulture’s already robust collection of TV recaps,” said the announcement.

Props to Vulture for not resting on the laurels of its robust recaps.

Jessica Grose and Gilbert Cruz Named Editors at