Kyrillos campaign attacks Menendez for Corzine association

HOBOKEN – Heading for a $1,000 per-plate fundraiser in Morris County later today which Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to headline, U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) objected to his Republican opponent’s efforts to crank up the volume on Biden’s and Menendez’s associations with former Gov. Jon Corzine. 

“Joe Kyrillos has some nerve,” said the U.S. senator, who hopes to raise “several hundred thousand” tonight for his re-election bid.

“He voted for Christie Todd Whitman’s pension bond,” said Menendez. “He’s been there in Trenton for 20 years and property taxes are still up. When police, teachers and firefighters are laid off, his idea of tax relief is to give a tax break to millionaires.”

The Kyrillos campaign earlier today released a YouTube video reminding voters with raw footage that both Biden and Menendez publicly acknowledged Corzine’s financial expertise. Since failing to secure his 2009 re-election, the former governor has faced tough questions from a Congressional Subcommittee concerning his stewardship of MF Global. 

“It’s disturbing that Joe Biden gets his economic advice from none other than Jon Corzine, the same man that nearly bankrupted New Jersey and has since bankrupted MF Global,” said Kyrillos. “Corzine is also the same man that appointed Bob Menendez to the Senate. No wonder our economy is in so much trouble.”

Since Bob Menendez was appointed by Jon Corzine to fill his seat in the Senate, the national debt has jumped from $8.1 trillion to $15.3 trillion, the annual deficit has grown from $250 billion to over $1 trillion and unemployment has risen from 4.7% to 8.3%, Kyrillos said.

“The Corzine-Biden-Menendez economic team promises nothing but more of the same – more spending, more debt, more job-killing regulations. With a record like that why would anyone listen to what they say?” added Kyrillos. Kyrillos campaign attacks Menendez for Corzine association