Lancman and Meng Welcome Halloran Into Race With Knives [Update]

Councilman Halloran (Photo: Wikimedia)

Queens Councilman Dan Halloran announced his campaign for Congress this evening declaring himself to be an “independent Republican,” but two of his Democratic opponents, Assembly Members Rory Lancman and Grace Meng, rushed to label him as the opposite.

The campaign of the third Democratic candidate in the race, Councilwoman Liz Crowley did not immediately return a request for comment took a slightly different tack and stressed her ability to defeat Mr. Halloran in November, while also still branding him as a typical Republican.

For her part, Ms. Meng connected Mr. Halloran to current Republican leaders in the House of Representatives like John Boehner and Paul Ryan:

“I look forward to a healthy discussion of the issues facing our Queens neighbors and am eager to hear how Councilman Halloran plans on justifying his party’s embrace of the Ryan-Boehner budget which would gut vital social programs for seniors, the disabled and working families. The deficit needs to be reduced and the budget balanced, but not on the backs of middle-income families and not at the expense of Social Security and Medicare. And I’m particularly interested to hear Dan’s take on recent partisan attacks on women’s access to health care.“

While Mr. Lancman, also mentioning Mr. Ryan, warned of bringing the country back to the “Bush/Cheney” agenda that previously headed Washington:

“For eight years, the Republican Bush/Cheney agenda allowed Wall Street to run amok, stretched our armed forces to the limit, undermined a secure retirement by allowing employers to weaken pension protections, and promoted some of the most anti-woman health policies in recent memory. Today, the same policies that brought our country to the brink of ruin are being embraced by Republican Tea Partiers who want to return us to those days. Republican Representative Paul Ryan’s latest budget cuts Medicare spending 50% and Medicaid spending 75% to pay for a 12.5% tax break for millionaires; Republican intransigence on raising revenue to lower the deficit will trigger irresponsible cuts to our defense budget; and Republicans want to strip women of the ability to make health care choices for themselves.”

“We’re not going back to the failed Bush/Cheney policies which helped crash our economy, strain our military, threaten social security and put a woman’s health at the mercy of others.”

Update: Ms. Crowley’s campaign stressed a message of electability in their statement tonight, through their spokesman Eric Yun:

“Elizabeth Crowley is the only Democratic candidate in the sixth district who has fought and won tough general elections. She is the best candidate for Democrats this November … The last thing New York needs is another vote for the House Republican majority and their agenda of cutting taxes for millionaires, dismantling Medicare and Social Security and attacking women’s rights.”

Lancman and Meng Welcome Halloran Into Race With Knives [Update]