Lancman Indicates Interest in New Queens Seat

New York's proposed 6th Congressional District.

One of the interesting twists of the court’s draft proposal for New York’s Congressional lines is the new Asian-plurality district created in Queens, and Democratic Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who had been campaigning against GOP Congressman Bob Turner, just announced he would be likely to shift his focus there should the final boundaries look like the draft map.

“The Special Master’s lines came out today, and while I can’t predict what the final lines will ultimately look like, the Special Master’s district six is centered around my home and communities that I have represented in the Assembly, on the community board and as a civic leader for over twenty years,” he said in a statement this morning.

“I look forward to the opportunity to run for Congress when the lines are finalized,” he added.

If Mr. Lancman does indeed run for this new district, it could place him in a Democratic primary with an incumbent. Nassau Congressman Gary Ackerman, who has roots in Queens, may decide this district would be a better choice for him than running against fellow Democratic Reps. Carolyn McCarthy or Steve Israel. Or, if Queens County Democratic Chairman, Congressman Joe Crowley, decides he prefers this all-Queens seat to his new heavily Latino district stretching into the Bronx, he may run here as well.

Mr. Turner’s district, as The Politicker already noted, is entirely dismantled. The freshman Republican’s house is placed in an African-American majority district while his base in southeastern Brooklyn is split between two other heavily Democratic districts.

The lines the judge released today are not final, and may shift either because Albany is able to pass their own map in time or because the judge is persuaded to modify them for whatever reason over the course of the next week or two. Lancman Indicates Interest in New Queens Seat