Last Week in Betabeat: Dating Site Scammers, Marissa Mayer Waxes Inspirational, and SF-NYC Transfers

Too busy to check your daily Betabeat? Here are the highlights from last week, as selected by the editors.

• Is Your Dating Site Selling Your Profile?
To keep membership high, niche sites get sly.

• Marissa Mayer on Misconceptions That Hold Back Women in Tech and Why She Doesn’t ‘Believe in Burnout’
“My theory is that burnout is about resentment.”

• Branch Cofounder Josh Miller Returning to NYC Because ‘San Francisco is Just Too Nice’
Hard to be heads down in a sweet town.

• OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Made ‘Way More’ Than $22 M. in Sale to Zynga
If not for Draw Something, OMGPOP might have run out of money by May.
• Language Learning Startup Voxy Raises a $4 M. Round from ff Venture Capital, Contour, and Seavest
A filing says the startup has already closed $2.3 million towards its $4 million goal from previous investors.
• What’s a Little App Between Friends? Venmo Only Cares About You and the People You Split Lunch With
Venmo is processing $10 million in transactions per month and growing 30 percent month-over-month.
• Inaugural Blueprint Health Startups Pitch Investors on Disrupting Health Industry
Nine companies from the health-tech incubator presented to investors in Soho today. 
• Oh, So Here’s Why Kickstarter Lets Projects Get Overfunded
It brings in so many freakin’ new users.
• The Startup Rundown: Size That Matters and a New Mobile Music Concierge

• The Only OMGPOP Developer to Say No to Mark Pincus: ‘Zynga Asked For Too Much’
He did it all for the values.
• Meet OkFocus, the PR Stuntmen Behind WhoDat.Biz
OKFocus is also behind Is the L Train Fucked? and
• 83-Year-Old Grandma Breaks Nose on Glass Door of Long Island Apple Store, Sues for $1 M.
“They have to realize that the elderly generation are their customers, too.”
• If New York City Doesn’t Put Down Its Pom-Poms, We’re Gonna Become a Startup Stereotype
Nasdaq and the city release a video.
• ‘Vaporware Is the New Minimal Viable Product,’ Declares Hype Up Weekend
San Francisco vaporware vaporathon elegantly illustrates exactly how hackathons have jumped the shark.
• Former Facebook Social Design Evangelist Says Facebook Model Is ‘Self-Serving, Egocentric’
The Internet is the Wild Wild West, after all.
• Caught in the Webb: JOBS Act Jitters 

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