Lerer Ventures-Backed Everlane Cuts the Middleman Out of Clothing Production

All items under $100 sounds good to us.

Mr. Preysman, right. (everlane.com)

You may know SF-based startup Everlane from the viral infographic they published in January about the high cost of clothing production. The startup, an online-only clothing manufacturer, creates luxury basics without absurdly high designer markups. But what we didn’t know is that Everlane is backed by several of New York’s biggest startup funders, including Lerer Ventures and Betaworks.

“[Everlane is] one of Lerer Ventures secret successes,” tweeted Ben Lerer today, upon publication of an article in Business Insider about the budding clothing company.

Everlane cites three key components to its current business model. First, the company is entirely online-only, so they don’t have to pay the costs to keep up an actual physical store. Second, they use “smart manufacturing” practices to cut out the middleman. Designs are also simplified so the team can focus on important details.

It all sounds very much like a post-empire, online-only American Apparel, but without the trashy ad campaigns.

Everlane is the brainchild of Michael Preysman, who decided to quit his day job to pursue Everlane after experiencing “a frustration with the lack of innovation in the retail space.”

“With Everlane we’ve set out to build a new kind of retail experience,” reads their site. “One that exists 100% online and bypasses all the middlemen to create beautiful designer goods, always under $100.”

The store is currently in invite-only mode, so you’ll have to wait for an invite if you want to start shopping. Ah, a little exclusivity. Maybe there’s a whiff of Empire about them after all. Lerer Ventures-Backed Everlane Cuts the Middleman Out of Clothing Production