Fidler Ad Name-Drops Greenfield, Hikind

In the widely-circulated Wednesday weekend edition of the Orthodox Jewish newspaper Hamodia this week, both candidates in the special election to replace corrupt former State Senator Carl Kruger bought full page advertisements.

The Republican candidate, David Storobin, used his ad space to further draw attention to a letter signed by Rabbis arguing it is religiously forbidden to support the Democratic candidate, Councilman Lew Fidler. Mr. Fidler’s ad, meanwhile, sought to connect Mr. Fidler to local Jewish elected officials, Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Councilman David Greenfield.

Mr. Fidler’s messaging is made more interesting by the fact that, as of recently at least, neither Mr. Greenfield or Mr. Hikind have formally endorsed his candidacy yet, although Mr. Greenfield has publicly defended Mr. Fidler from criticism.

However, the ad never implies an endorsement and merely offers supportive statements about certain actions Mr. Fidler has taken. For example, Mr. Hikind says “When anti-Semites stormed our neighborhood, Lew Fidler was right next to me standing up to them,” referencing the Westboro Baptist Church holding one of their extremely controversial protests in Brooklyn.

View Mr. Fidler’s ad below. Mr. Storobin’s ad can be found on page 27 of the newspaper here.

Fidler Ad Name-Drops Greenfield, Hikind