Maragos Nets Skelos Endorsement

The Republican race to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand is heating up, with Wendy Long, a conservative lawyer and Joe Carvin, an investor and Rye lawmaker, criscrossing the state in anticipation of the GOP convention later this month.

The duo have to catch up with Nassau comptroller George Maragos, who has been in the race for the better part of the year.

And this evening Mr. Maragos received a substantial bump in his efforts when he received the endorsement of perhaps the state’s highest ranking Republican official, Senate  Majority Leader Dean Skelos.

This November, New Yorkers will go to the polls to elect a United States Senator from New York.  I am proud to endorse Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos as he seeks this important office, and urge New Yorkers to support his candidacy.

As Nassau County Comptroller, he has worked hard to control spending and keep taxes as low as possible.  His experience as a fiscal watchdog in local government is exactly what we need in Washington to protect taxpayer dollars.

I have known George for many years, and he is a man of tremendous integrity who will put New York’s middle-class families first.  This is an important election, and it is absolutely critical that we restore fiscally conservative leadership to Washington.  George Maragos is the right person for this job, and I am happy to join the Nassau County Republican Committee, as well as Suffolk and Orange county Republicans in endorsing him for the U.S. Senate.

The endorsement isn’t that surprising since both hail from Nassau County, but it speaks a little bit to how unsettled the GOP race is. Many Republicans think that Ms. Gillibrand is at least fairly beatable, but they have failed both this year and last to field a candidate who can  unite the party.
Maragos Nets Skelos Endorsement