Dennis Crowley is Influential About Moms, and Other Klout Surprises [UPDATED]

Who knew Cameron Winklevoss loved 'Say Anything' so much?

Are you big on the Internet? Klout, the online influence measurement system, helps you determine just that. “We measure your influence based on your ability to drive action in social networks,” explains the Klout page. But aside from providing you with an over-inflated sense of self-importance, Klout also mines your Twitter page for popular terms, and determines a list of topics you’re especially influential about. This reporter, for example, is influential about blogging and cats, which is pretty much dead on.

Your topics list can also be edited and impacted by friends who give you +K’s, or recommendations, on certain topics. But occasionally Klout unearths a bizarre couple of topics that leave you wondering just how much you talk about things like bacon (we’re looking at you, David Karp).

So what topics are tech titans influential about? Apparently some pretty hilarious ones.

Dennis Crowley

We think it’s sweet that Foursquare cofounder Dennis Crowley is influential about moms. Who doesn’t like a guy who tweets about his mother?




Cameron Winklevoss

One half of the imitable Winklevi duo, Cameron Winklevoss apparently has a lot to say on Twitter about 80s heartthrob John Cusack.





Nick Denton

Mr. Denton, self-proclaimed “gossip merchant” and overlord of the Gawker Media empire, is influential about trauma, which we suppose makes sense considering the rigorous workload he expects from his staff.





Company Twitter accounts can also have their own Klout scores. Startup non-incubator Betaworks, for example, is influential about cookies…and drag queens.








Angsty tweens and fashion porn were oddly not under Tumblr’s popular topics. Luckily, knives and Kid Cudi were.







Mayor Bloomberg

Last but not least, we have our very own Mayor, @MikeBloomberg. He is apparently influential about both fascism and bullying, though we have to guess that Occupy Wall Streeters may have had something to do with that.






And just for good measure, did you know that Betabeat is influential about cosmetics? Yes, this tech blog is one of the few run entirely by ladies, but we never tweet about our makeup routine. What gives, Klout?


Klout wrote in to tell us that the Klout profile for Mark Zuckerberg, listed in the original edition of this piece, is unfortunately fake. His real profile is here, with nary a Justin Bieber reference in sight. The real Zuck is in fact influential about money and celebrities, though his low influence on privacy still remains true.

Dennis Crowley is Influential About Moms, and Other Klout Surprises [UPDATED]