McDonald’s Makes It an Extra Value Meal with a Side of Security

Greenwich Village McDonald's.

It’s been a site of scorn from residents and politicians for a series of violent episodes that have rocked the neighborhood.  Police have said it needs as much security as a rowdy bar. Except its not a rowdy bar, it’s Greenwich Village’s local Mickey D’s.

The fast-food chain, which is located on West 3rd Street, has been the site of three violent incidents in the past year, compelling City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to launch a boycott of the restaurant until they buff up security on Monday.­­Quinn — along with support from Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Community Board 2 and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer — are calling for the chain to hire an off-duty cop to police the restaurant at times when there is a potential for trouble.

“The first thing this McDonald’s needs to do is engage better security through the paid detail option that our police department offers,” Quinn said outside the restaurant Monday. “Those are off-duty police offcers trained in how to do this type of security. This will be a huge step forward, make a difference and a show of good faith.”

Additional security measures include giving police access to the restaurant’s security cameras and walling off seating at night so customers can’t linger in the restaurant.

The incidents that have sparked these demands have drawn critical attention from the Internet.

Most recently, the McDonald’s was the site of a large St. Patrick’s Day brawl on March 17. Police were called, but did not arrive on the scene until after the fighters dispersed. No one was charged in the incident, but a 42-second video shot by a customer chronicles the fight.

In October 2011, an employee beat two women with a metal pole, after the pair leaped across the counter and attacked him. Cashier Rayon McIntosh’s charges were dropped after he testified that his actions were out of self-defense. The disturbing confrontation was also captured on video.

Last spring, 26-year-old Damian Furtch was the target of an anti-gay hate crime outside of the restaurant, which left him with several facial injuries.

McDonald’s franchise owner Carmen Paulino said in a statement Monday that the restaurant hired a security guard last summer to work Wednesday through Saturday nights, but has not responded to the request that she hire NYPD support.

“The safety of my employees and customers will always be a priority,” she said. “I am committed to doing the right thing.”

A letter to Paulino signed by Quinn, Nadler, Stringer, Senator Tom Duane and State Assemblywoman Deborah Glick has asked for a meeting the week of April 2 to discuss these provisions.

Until that day, though, food is not the only threat at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Makes It an Extra Value Meal with a Side of Security