Morning Links: Girls Robs Journalist of Critical Faculties

Emily Nussbaum on Girls: “When a TV critic reports on a new show, it’s okay to say the series is promising, even the next big thing, but ideally, one shouldn’t go native. One should probably also talk in the third person. In this case, however, I’ll have to make an exception. Because from the moment I saw the pilot of Girls (which airs on April 15), I was a goner, a convert.” By the end of the piece Ms. Nussbaum and Lena Dunham are shopping for nail stickers. [NY Mag]

#Komen, #Kony2012, #TrayvonMartin… do people actually care or are they just trying to appear well informed before their friends and followers? [NY Times]

Matt Lauer and NBC have begun the contract negotiation at Today.  [NY Mag]

Jason Binn had Gilt CEO Kevin Ryan’s tech team fix the service black hole at Michael’s. [Page Six]

New York Times dog coverage has increased 45% since Puppy Diaries author Jill Abramson took over has editor in chief. Blame Gail Collins and Mitt Romney. [CJR]

Mike Daisey apologizes for exaggerating in interviews: “In my drive to tell this story and have it be heard, I lost my grounding. Things came out of my mouth that just weren’t true, and over time, I couldn’t even hear the difference myself.” Next: Journalists should thank Mike Daisey for giving them an excuse to pontificate about their own truthfulness. [Mike Daisey]

Politico and C-SPAN partnership is heaven for wannabe wonks. [Washington Post]

Newspapers are dying and bringing Democracy down with them. [Eric Alterman]

Lauren Collins on the Daily Mail. [New Yorker] Morning Links: Girls Robs Journalist of Critical Faculties