Morning Links: ‘Lifestyle Moves’ For Chris Hughes and Others

Chris Hughes bought The New Republic, and isn’t acting all delusional about it.

“Profit per se is not my motive. The reason I’m getting involved here is that I believe in the type of vigorous contextual journalism that we — we in general as a society — need.” […]He added that he hoped the magazine could be profitable. “But I’m investing and taking control of The New Republic because of my belief in its mission, not to make it the next Facebook,” he said. [NY Times]

All-American Muslim canceled. 🙁 [NY Times]

Laura Lang has brought Bain consultants into Time, Inc., allowed two executives Stephanie George and Steve Sachs to make “lifestyle moves.” As in moves away from her company. [WWD]

Dawn Ostroff, new boss of Conde Nast entertainment: “There’s a lot of content in the magazines, needless to say. In fact, I’ve had producers come to me talking about articles in The New Yorker and Vanity Fair that they’ve optioned — having nothing to do with us — and now they want to come in and produce the projects with us, which is really fascinating.” [WWD]

Hugo Lindgren on replacing male ethicist Randy Cohen with female ethicist Ariel Kaminer.

“There’s no science to it. We thought the Ethicist franchise … still had some vitality to it and it’d be interesting try a different voice there. And I think there’d been a real male dominated voice. Randy’s an incredibly gifted, funny, smart guy, but he’s definitely a dude and I think a lot of his…” he trailed off. “Is this on the record?” [Capital NY]

Rush Limbaugh still being trolled by Ashley Madison. “While I am not surprised that Mr. Limbaugh feels he is above letting us advertise on his show, he is mistaken if he believes that millions of his listeners don’t need,” CEO Noel Biderman said. [Yahoo]

David Duchovny’s lawyer yelled at The Post for including his picture in a sex addiction article, an exchange covered by Post gossip column Page Six. [PageSix]





Morning Links: ‘Lifestyle Moves’ For Chris Hughes and Others