Morning Links: Rolling Stone Edition

The LACMA rock. (Courtesy LAist)

Alex Prager wins the 2012 Foam Paul Huf Award. [Artsdaily]

Souren Melikian offers new reasons to buy Old Masters. [NYT]

Bed-Stuy artist will build house roof on apartment roof. [NYDN]

Marion Maneker highlights some interesting comments from dealer Richard Feigen on TEFAF, and the current valuation of contemporary art and old masters. [AMM]

“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Damien Hirst’s Spot Paintings.” [HuffingtonPost]

The Journal on the arrival of Michael Heizer’s rock. [WSJ]

Some 800 items from the collection of the late philanthropist Brooke Astor will be offered for sale at Sotheby’s. Among the lots are paintings “of her favorite subject—dogs.” [ABC News]

Roberta Smith “barely evaded participation” in Ryan McNamara’s “Still” show at Elizabeth Dee gallery. [NYT]

Johan Zoffany: artist, adventurer, member of the Royal Academy, cannibal. [Bloomberg]

A look at the new Barnes Foundation galleries, which are replicated from the original—creaky wood floors, burlap-covered walls and all—in a shiny 93,000 square-foot building. [NYT]

MOCA’s announcement that it will present a work by James Franco based on James Dean film Rebel Without a Cause in the Hollywood space of a furniture dealer is raising eyebrows. [LA Times]

The proposed “Delancey Underground” exhibit (aka the Low Line) presenting a month-long public residency at the Mark Miller gallery on Orchard Street. [Bowery Boogie]

Morning Links: Rolling Stone Edition