Morning Links: Self-Plagiarism is Plagiarism Too

Baltimore Sun columnist admits to recycling old columns. [Poynter]

Gallagher’s paper collectibles re-opened! [WWD]

Lay offs, but also openings, at LA Times. [LA Observed]

Dave Weigel on reporting on stupid voters. [Slate]

What did they serve for lunch at American Society of Magazine Editors digital awards? [Capital]

ProPublica posting the political ad data TV broadcasters don’t want to put online. [ProPublica]

More than 100 journalists have signed up for Sebastian Junger’s life saving skills course for reporters. [Huffington Post]

You’re not allowed to write about the Malia Obama going to Mexico. [Politico]

But she’s totally fine after that earthquake. [Yahoo]

The New York Times is using executive recruiting firm Spencer Stuart to find a new CEO, looking at external candidates. [Bloomberg]

Michael Wolff on his competitors:

Howard Kurtz, while a diligent and reasonably fair-minded reporter, is – and I doubt even he would argue – a leaden writer of dead-on-arrival prose, with limited skills for expressing nuance and subtlety or gradation.

Jack Shafer is among the best journalism critics working today, but, still, as a writer, only a mere programmer – whereas Truman Capote is Steve Jobs. [Guardian]


Morning Links: Self-Plagiarism is Plagiarism Too