Morning Links: Ted Turner’s Compassionate Harem

When Robert Olen Butler’s wife Elizabeth Dewberry left him for Ted Turner, he emailed friends and colleagues: “She will not be Ted’s only girlfriend. Ted is permanently and avowedly nonmonogamous. But though he has several girlfriends, it is a very small number, and he does not take them 
up lightly, and he gives them his absolute support when he does. And 
Elizabeth’s leaving me is as much about the three weeks a month she is alone as it is about the week a month she is with Ted.” [Hollywood Reporter]

James Murdoch steps down as chair of News International, will keep running News Corp. television properties. [NY Times] Also, Sotheby’s wants him off their board. [NY Times]

Another day, another made  up memoir scandal. This one of a Hasidic-Feminist flavor. [NY Daily News]

New York magazine is “having a shelter moment,” with New York Design Hunting, a spin-off due out in May. [WWD]

Erik Wemple didn’t like Vanity Fair‘s piece on the Washington Post by Sarah Ellison. [WaPo]

A French, leap-year-only newspaper. [NPR]

Starz and Netflix broke up. [GigaOm] Morning Links: Ted Turner’s Compassionate Harem