Morning Links: William Ruprecht’s Salary Edition

Mr. Ruprecht. (Courtesy Bloomberg)

Denver’s Anschutz Collection, “one of the country’s most-respected collections of Western paintings, ” will soon become a public museum known as the American Museum of Western Art. It had previously been open only by appointment. [Denver Post]

Sotheby’s CEO William Ruprecht got paid $7 million in 2011, an 18 percent bump over the previous year. [Bloomberg]

The now-defunct Knoedler Gallery has now been sued by a family that claims it was sold a fake Rothko. [NYT]

Poet and essayist Adrienne Rich dies at 82. [NYT]

Photographers reveal their worst shots. [Guardian]

David Chipperfield will renovate Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie. [Bloomberg]

How staff at museums keep visitors calm, happy and buzzing along during blockbuster shows. [ARTnews]

Terry Richardson posts pictures of Dave Franco. [Terry Richardson’s Diary]

Morning Links: William Ruprecht’s Salary Edition