Morning Read: Bloomberg and Obama Meet; Dolan Disappointed; Savino’s Advice to Snooki

State legislative leaders are moving to closer to a redistricting deal, although Albany insiders say Andrew Cuomo is holding out for the prospect of an pension reform to be included in the deal.

Mike Bloomberg and Barack Obama had a previously undisclosed private lunch at the White House last month.

Cardinal Dolan said that the Catholic church felt “burned” by Republican State Senators who promised that gay marriage wouldn’t be passed in New York.

Labor leaders seem resigned to the fact that Gov. Andrew Cuomo will get his way with a sixth pension tier.

Even as Assembly Democrats rejected the proposal.

Cuomo has been lapse on fulfilling Freedom of Information requests.

Andrew J. Hawkins takes a look at Senate hopeful Wendy Long’s undergraduate career with the Dartmouth Review, a right-wing organ that was accused of publishing racist and homophobic articles.

State lawmakers in both parties want to move money Andrew Cuomo set aside for block grants to school district to increase competitiveness and have it go towards low-income school districts.

Occupy Wall Street protesters are suing the city over police surveillance.

The plan to replace the Coney Island boardwalk with concrete gets voted on today.

Chuck Schumer is calling on Republicans to pass a mass transit tax break that expired last year.

The city’s public housing authority struggles to get tenants to downsize when they no longer need the space.

Steve Katz, who is preparing to announce his Senate primary campaign against Greg Ball today, had a history of tax problems.

When a two percent property tax cap is not a two percent property tax cap.

Feral pigs are making their way upstate, and are destroying farmland there.

The cost of steak at some city steakhouses in crossing the $50 threshold.

Diane Savino hopes that a pregnant Snooki lays off the sauce.

A high school in the Bronx is trying to keep out from their building a charter school that specializes on students who have had run-ins with the criminal justice system

Michael Benjamin says that MMA should be legalized for the sake of gender equality.

Arlen Specter blames Barack Obama for his defeat.


Morning Read: Bloomberg and Obama Meet; Dolan Disappointed; Savino’s Advice to Snooki