Morning Read: Cuomo Keeps A Lid On Records; Bloomberg Bashes Social Web; Biden 2016?

Fifteen months after leaving the attorney general’s office, Andrew Cuomo still has sent almost none of his papers to the state archives.

John Sampson said he expects Andrew Cuomo to back Senate Democrats in the upcoming elections.

Jim Alessi, one of four GOP senators to vote in favor of same-sex marriage, is suddenly a man without a party as his local GOP doens’t want him to run and the Democrats are unwilling to bring him over to their side.

The longer the Storobin/Fidler race drags on, the less time the eventual winner will have to serve in Albany.

Mike Bloomberg said that social media is having a corrosive effect on governing, since it means that every decision is subject to a digital referendum.

Under a plan floated by Senate Republicans, taxpayers would be on the hook for buses that transport yeshiva students home from after school activities.

Gary Ackerman’s retirement could create a free-for-all of open legislative seats in Queens.

A draft of a state report finds that 300,000 disabled and mentally ill New Yorkers face a “needless risk of harm,” due  to a lack of oversight and conflicting regulations.

1199 is asking for another state bailout of its troubled health insurance fund.

In a Newsday op-ed, Ben Lawsky urged lawmakers to adopt a health exchange before the federal government imposes their own.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is seeking legislation that would authorize the state to lease bridges, roads and state buildings to help pay for construction, maintenance and operations of infrastructure.

Scott Stringer targets pink slime.

More and more coyotes are making their way into New York City.

In the wake of the Planned Parenthood controversy and the departure of several high-profile executives, calls are growing for the head of the Komen Breast Cancer charity to step down.

Could Joe Biden–who will be 73 by then–be a serious contender for the presidency in 2016?

The Ryan Plan passed the House Budget Committee last night with two GOPers voting against it.

Would Mitt Romney be the most unpopular major party nominee ever?

Louisiana could be the place where Romney’s Southern slump comes to a halt.

  Morning Read: Cuomo Keeps A Lid On Records; Bloomberg Bashes Social Web; Biden 2016?