Morning Read: Garodnick Declares; Liu Staffs Up; Bloomberg Calls for More Taxes

Dan Garodnick is preparing to jump into the race for City Comptroller. 

John Liu has a new campaign treasurer. 

Emails obtained by The Post through a FOIA request reveal that Liu consigliere Chung Seto is involved in all aspects of the comptroller’s office, even though she is not an official government employee.

A civil rights group filed a federal lawsuit accusing the New York Police Department of illegally stopping tens of thousands of people in privately owned buildings across the city, creating what some residents describe as a police state in which they must carry identification while performing mundane tasks like picking up mail or doing laundry, The New York Times reports. 

Donning hoodies to protest the Trayvon Martin killing, the City Council passed a prevailing wage bill, and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn pledged to pass a living wage bill next month.

A close aide to Pedro Espada called as a prosecution witness in the federal corruption trial against him, backtracked on the stand and appeared to contradict herself throughout her testimony.

Bill de Blasio has a new watchlist, this one devoted to US automakers that do business with Iran. 

Mike Bloomberg op-eds in favor of raising taxes on all Americans, not just the one percent.

Andrew Cuomo was spotted dining at hot Miami eatery with Sandra Lee while Paula Abdul held court a few tables away.

Longtime Albany Assemblyman Jack McEneny will in fact retire. 

In an effort to change their image as a wasteful agency, the Port Authority will eliminate $41 million in bonuses and perks. 

Cruise ships at the port of Brooklyn are still spewing noxious fumes, despite a deal reached last year with the Port Authority to have them plug into an electric grid.

The Gowanus Whole Foods has to wrap around the city’s earliest known concrete building due to landmarking laws.

A settlement was reached over Brooke Astor’s estate in which her son, Anthony Marshall, saw his inheritance slashed in half and his  control over her charitable legacy restricted.

A look inside the long-abandoned Brownsville police station.

Newt Gingrich held a secret meeting with Mitt Romney over the weekend, but no deal was made for him to end his campaign. 

Reuters reports that Gingrich may be staying in the race because  he and Callista “enjoy its perks: the attention, the platform, the Secret Service protection.”

Rick Perry and two other Republican governors will partake of some “pink slime” this afternoon to prove that the food is safe.

EJ Dionne says that after three days of hearings, it is clear that the Supreme Court intends to act like an alternative legislature. 

Steve Kornaki chronicles Mitt Romney’s remarkable ability to sound like an out-of-touch rich guy.

Joe Biden says Romney is consistent, but consistently wrong on jobs. 

The latest SuperPAC–Animal Lovers Against Romney.

How political operatives became tragic heros.

Morning Read: Garodnick Declares; Liu Staffs Up; Bloomberg Calls for More Taxes