Morning Read: Liu Says He’s Innocent; Election Fallout; Occupy Out At Union Square

After an especially nasty special election fight, Republican David Storobin clung to a 120 vote lead over Democrat Lew Fidler in the race to replace Carl Kruger in the State Senate.  There are still 757 paper ballots outstanding.

Liz Benjamin notes that Andrew Cuomo didn’t provide any help to Fidler, although he did for Assembly Democrats running yesterday.

UFT president Michael Mulgrew has been on the outs with the Bloomberg administration, but the top mayoral contenders for 2013 have all come courting him.

John Liu leapt to the defense of  his indicted campaign treasurer, saying it was not the campaign’s job to verify that donors were reporting their information accurately.

Randy Altschuler grabbed the Independence Party’s endorsement, giving him a key boost over Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop.

In the latest Bloomberg tech bungle, John Liu uncovers massive cost overruns at the administration’s efforts to upgrade the 911 system.

Andrew Cuomo thinks that pension reform will in the end be a great boon for public sector workers, even if their union bosses don’t like it.

Norman Seabrook however says that the administration had to subvert democracy to get the reforms passed.

The pension vote is already becoming a campaign issue.

Cuomo is also planning to send more public dollars to parochial and private schools, something that will endear him to the Catholic hierarchy.

Cuomo however is resisting efforts by the Assembly Democrats to reinstate pork.

Micah Kellner is slamming a rule that would permit ambulettes to apply for street hail permits.

Cuomo indicated that he is flexible over competitive block grants for school districts.

The longshoreman’s union is resisting efforts by the government to diversify its hiring practices.

The NYPD ousted Occupy protesters from Union Square last night.

New proposals for Kingsbridge are due out tomorrow, and clergy and advocates are holding a pray-in for a new school and good jobs to come with the project.

In a stunt, subway cars were converted to sleepers last night.

Fresh off his big win in Illinois last night, Mitt Romney is stressing the argument that he has the right experience for the job.

Rick Santorum’s and Newt Gingrich’s SuperPacs are low on funds.

And finally, congrats to Adam Lisberg on his new post at the MTA! 

Morning Read: Liu Says He’s Innocent; Election Fallout; Occupy Out At Union Square