Morning Read: Big Night for Santo; King’s Videos; Wendy Long Says Gay Marriage Leads To Incest

Last night was a big one for Rick Santorum, who swept the Deep South and shook up the Republican presidential race.

Rick Santorum’s next move depends a lot on what is the next move of Newt Gingrich.

Romney can take solace in having won Hawaii.

Peter King followed U.S. Marshalls as the raided a fugitive’s house, filmed it, posted the video online, then Tweeted a Talking Points Memo article about it, all of which seems to be in violation of federal policy.

A bill that would give New York one of the most expansive DNA databases in the nation is set to pass Albany, but is mixed with negotiations over the budget and over redistricting.

A new poll finds that most voters support the release of the teacher evaluation ratings.

Andrew Cuomo appears to be carving out police and firefighters from his pension reform proposals, a move that would be a blow to Mike Bloomberg’s efforts to rein in costs.

In the wake of the John Liu fundraising scandal, Asian American civic groups had a session at the Campaign Finance Board on the do’s and don’ts of fundraising.

Bob Turner officially entered the race to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand.

He was quickly endorsed by the Manhattan and Brooklyn Republican Parties.

The Democratic Party aired a radio ad on Andrew Cuomo’s behalf urging listeners to pressure school districts and teachers unions to reach an accord.

In a 2010 interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, Wendy Long said that gay marriage could lead to animal or incestuous weddings.

The head of a non-profit with close ties to Ruben Diaz, Sr, was arrested for embezzling $75,000.

The New York Times called on Gov. Cuomo to keep his promise and veto the gerrymandered legislature’s lines.

As the Transit Workers Union engages in contract negotiations with the MTA, the union is being torn apart by a war between current president John Samuelsen and former union chief Roger Toussaint.

Ira Stoll urges Barack Obama to dump Joe Biden in favor of Mike Bloomberg.

An Empire Center poll released today found that 71 percent of teachers favor a 401K style pension plan.

Chris Christie defended calling a former Navy SEAL who challenged him at a town hall an “idiot.”

Cuomo and legislative leaders are at loggerheads over how specific the law permitting casino expansion should be the first time it clears the Assembly and the Senate.

A whistleblower police officer has tapes of NYPD officers raiding his home.




Morning Read: Big Night for Santo; King’s Videos; Wendy Long Says Gay Marriage Leads To Incest