Morning Read: Harold for Hydrofracking; More Congressional Fallout; Cuomo Wins, But At What Cost?

Gov. Cuomo defended “The Big Ugly”–the dark of night passage of a host of unrelated bills–against good government groups.

Cuomo was able to enact a lot of his agenda, but at the risk of looking like just another deal-making politician and by angering labor groups, Jimmy Vieklind writes.

Cuomo may have approved of the GOP’s redistricting plan in order to keep Democrats out of power in the State Senate.

Did Cuomo turn “pragmatic” into a dirty word?

The Post endorses David Storobin for the State Senate, calling his opponent, Lew Fidler, a shill for trial lawyers.

John Liu awarded $6 million in contracts to a firm under investigation by New York federal and state prosecutors over claims it ripped off millions from public-employee pension systems around the world, Carl Campanile.

Barbara Lifton decided against running for Maurice Hinchey’s seat.

In an op-ed, Harold Ford calls for hydrofracking in New York.

Christine Quinn will appear in the April issue of Elle.

Teacher’s unions are pushing back as some of the details of the state’s new teacher evaluation come to light.

Efforts to make an area of Jackson Heights into a pedestrian plaza like Times Square have roiled some residents.

There is grumbling among the Assembly Democrats about Shelly Silver’s leadership.

Michael Grynbaum investigates Mayor Bloomberg’s remaining ties to Medford, Massachusetts.

New York State got a “D” on a corruptability scorecard.

Republicans are looking to pick up House seats in western New York.

Internet kiosks are replacing pay phones on city streets.

After backlash from the health care industry, the state’s new Medicare inspector general wants a less adversarial relationship.

Plans for an early budget seem to be sputtering out.

A dispute between Andrew Cuomo and Shelly Silver is stalling an economic development project in Buffalo.

The Hotel Trades Council is expanding their political operation by focusing on races outside the city.

Chuck Schumer was caught riding his bicycle in the Prospect Park bike lane his wife bitterly opposed.

Tom Wrobleski takes a look at the long-running dispute between Guy Molinari and Jim Molinaro.

The possibility of legalized gambling has created an lobbying onslaught as various entities fight for pieces of the pie.

The new 29th Senate District goes from Yankee Stadium to East Harlem, cuts through Central Park and heads down the Upper West Side.



Morning Read: Harold for Hydrofracking; More Congressional Fallout; Cuomo Wins, But At What Cost?