Morning Read: Netanyahu Relations; Clinton & Obama; Super Tuesday Tonight

Romney and Santorum compete for delegates tonight. (Photo: Getty)

In New York, different judges hand down widely disparate sentencing.

Judge Mann pressured Albany lawyers on incumbent protection.

Speaker Boehner is sticking by Michael Grimm.

A top Senate Republican is wrapped up in a Yonkers corruption trial.

The Empire State Pride Agenda fired its executive director, Ross Levi.

The New York Post thinks it’s “Liu-nacy” for John Liu to discuss the budget.

And editorialized for pension re form.

A topic Bill Hammond also addressed in his latest for the New York Daily News.

The Daily News continued to defend Ray Kelly and the NYPD.

The Wall Street Journal thinks the criticism is designed to blunt Kelly’s ambitions.

The Nassau County Legislature voted to cut their police precincts in half.

Dan Squadron discussed his Super PAC legislation on Capital Tonight.

Steve Greenberg discussed his latest poll on the same program.

President Obama’s Barnard speech is increasing tensions with Columbia.

Protests over tuition jolted the Capitol.

Rock Hackshaw looked at Yvette Clarke’s reelection campaign.

A judge ruled the Mets owe up to $63 million to a Bernie Madoff trustee.

President Obama pressured Prime Minister Netanyahu to avoid strikes on Iran.

The New York Times editorialized on their meeting.

As did the Daily News.

The Times also profiled Shabbos elevators.

On the presidential race:

Bill Clinton & President Obama will fundraise together.

The Republican candidates vaguely hammered President Obama over Iran.

Newt Gingrich directly said Rush Limbaugh was right to apologize.

Here’s the coverage plans for Super Tuesday tonight.

Here’s ten things to watch for.

Both Rick Santorum & Mitt Romney are courting blue-collar voters. Morning Read: Netanyahu Relations; Clinton & Obama; Super Tuesday Tonight