Morning Read: NYers Back Police Over Spying; Cuomo, Lawmakers on Collision Course; Poll Drop for Obama

A vast majority New York voters approve of the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims; a slight majority disapprove of stop-and-frisk.

Disputes over pensions and redistricting are leading the legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo on a course for their first serious collision.

This was supposed to be the year that redistricting was solved for once and for all; alas, it was not to be, mainly, according to Ed Koch, because of “the most devious legislature in America.”

Gov. Cuomo said that the new maps show “progress.”

Two good government groups–Citizens United and the League of Women Voters--have got behind Cuomo’s plan for lawmaker drawn maps now, and a constitutional amendment down the road.

The new maps are not popular in the Bronx.

The DN knocked Keith Wright and Adriano Espaillat over playing “the race card” over redistricting.

Even though Andrew Cuomo has threatened a government shutdown over pension reform, neither the Assembly or the Senate included it in their budget.

Pressure is mounting for Bob Turner to take on Kirsten Gillibrand.

Despite his opposition to much of the legislature and Cuomo’s agenda, Cardinal Timothy Dolan focused on the positive in his visit to Albany yesterday.

The State Assembly is calling for a health impact study of hydro-fracking.

As Pedro Espada faces his federal corruption trial this week, his Soundview health clinics, which serve poor residents in the Bronx, are fighting to stay open.

The city’s Design Commission approved a plan to replace part of the Coney Island boardwalk with plastic and concrete over the objections of preservationists and residents.

After a DOI investigation found rampant fraud, the city is investigating its job placement centers.

Transportation Alternatives is trying to force the next mayor’s hand on bike lanes.

The Port Authority is going to be grilled by both New York and New Jersey lawmakers for underbilling its tenants.

Initial designs for the final section of the High Line were released last night.

The latest Chuck Schumer crusade: synthetic pot.

A Brooklyn food pantry is growing its own food at a hydroponic indoor farm.

Is a subway for garbage coming to New York?

Barack Obama’s approval rating is dropping due to high gas prices, even though the president has little control over the matter.

Mitt Romney is vastly out-spending his rivals in the Deep South in anticipation of today’s primaries.

A new poll shows Romney with a big lead nationally.

Morning Read: NYers Back Police Over Spying; Cuomo, Lawmakers on Collision Course; Poll Drop for Obama