Morning Read: Obama in NYC; Maps Out; Liu Defiant

Traffic alert! President Barack Obama will be in Manhattan today for a series of star-studded fundraisers.

The event is Obama’s 100th fundraiser of the campaign.

Assembly Democrats and Senate Republicans released Congressional maps--the Democrats pit  Joseph Crowley and Robert Turner  in the same Democrat-heavy district, while the Senate GOP wipes out the Queens-Nassau district of Democratic Rep. Gary Ackerman.

Longtime GOP fundraiser Georgette Mossbacher is considering running for Olympia Snowe’s Senate seat.

John Liu is still considering running for mayor.

Chris Christie slammed the NYPD for spying on New Jersey Muslims.

The Republican senators who helped pass same-sex marriage are finding themselves shunned by local party committees.

Opponents of hydro-fracking want Shelly Silver to make sure that Andrew Cuomo doesn’t use backdoor budget maneuvers to fund DEC oversight of the procedure.

An Albany bill would prevent the use of condoms as evidence in prostitution arrests; prostitutes now often don’t carry condoms because they can be used as evidence.

Mike Bloomberg warned lawmakers against rising pension costs.

Federal officials busted a $250 million health care fraud scheme among Russian emigres in Brighton Beach.

A Yonkers corruption trial is exposing how desperately Forest City Ratner wanted a project built in Yonkers.

The number of blacks and Latinos who have been accepted to elite city high schools increased over the past year.

A look at some of the intra-party battles this round of redistricting has created.

Dan Balz writes that if the GOP primary has exposed Mitt Romney’s weaknesses, it has done the same for his rivals.

Despite his overwhelming financial advantage, Mitt Romney is struggling to raise enough money, raising questions about whether or not he will self-fund.

Between Bob Kerrey unretiring and Olympia Snowe retiring, this may be the best week ever for Senate Democrats.


Morning Read: Obama in NYC; Maps Out; Liu Defiant