Morning Read: Perkins for Espaillat; Stringer vs. Quinn on NYU; Presidential Purgatory

Bill Perkins is set to meet with Adriano Espaillat over his plan to challenge Charlie Rangel.

Scott Stringer is expected to vote against NYU’s expansion plans unless they downsize; his opposition puts the spotlight on his fellow mayoral rival, Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Quinn exempted Hudson Yards from the revised Living Wage bill.

There is $40 million worth of pork--by another name–tucked into Andrew Cuomo’s budget, despite his campaign claims to do away with the process.

Tom Allon is considering switching parties to run for mayor as a Republican.

City schools are set to receive a $75 million boost in school aid.

New York City police officers are defying Ray Kelly’s order to not arrest people who display marijuana during ordinary stop.

The Port Authority is overhauling its security operations. 

Next up in Bloomberg’s plan to remake the shape of the city–a quarter-mile walkway connecting 51st to 57th streets between 6th and 7th avenues.

A federal grant to construct a school health clinic in the Bronx has gone unused because state and city officials have been unable to match it.

Brooklyn’s only hospital for the mentally ill was saved from the chopping block.

New York’s highest court said that expert testimony on false and coerced confessions should be allowed in trial.

A Yonkers City Councilwoman and a political operative who plied her with money and gifts were convicted on federal corruption charges.

Rachel Maddow wants the people who want her to run for Congress to run for Congress.

We have entered the purgatory phase of the presidential race--caught between a primary race that won’t end and a general election that can’t start until it does, Chris Cilizza writes.

A new poll has Mitt Romney up by 7 points over Rick Santorum in Wisconsin.

Doyle McManus says that the entire health care case could have been avoided if Democrats used the term “tax” instead of “penalty.”

Dan Balz says that if the Court tosses the law, it could boost Democratic enthusiasm headed into 2012.

Mark Block is under federal investigation.

This has been a very bad week for Don Verilli, who bungled the Obama administration’s arguments before the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden is confident that the court will uphold the law. 

  Morning Read: Perkins for Espaillat; Stringer vs. Quinn on NYU; Presidential Purgatory