Morning Read: Quinn for Labor; Divide on Stop and Frisk; Newt’s Beggars

Christine Quinn will push a living wage bill as part of her effort to court labor in advance of 2013, Sally Goldenberg reports.

Black and Latino lawmakers are leading the charge to curb the NYPD‘s stop-and-frisk practices, and they say they are doing so because they have been victims of it in their youth.

Three out of the four GOP senators who backed same sex marriage are facing primary challenges.

Mike Bloomberg says the Senate GOP’s budget would hurt the city.

Michael Grynbaum takes a look at an annual Bloomberg administration tradition: the agency heads dinner.

Unions pulled out of their annual legislative breakfast at the Somos Conference after lawmakers approved a pension reform bill; Andrew Cuomo and Mike Bloomberg are donating $72,000 to in the conference in response.

The Times  says that at the very least the budget should be printed early enough for lawmakers to read it.

A former top official at HPD is expected to plead guilty to receiving $600,000 in bribes from developers.

The Times profiles Ed Reed, who has been the City Hall staff photographer for 25 years.

Joel Klein op-eds in favor of school choice.

A construction worker was killed while demolishing a building that is a part of Columbia’s Manhattanville expansion.

New York City received the go-ahead from a federal appeals court to proceed with a plan to sell 2,000 new yellow taxi medallions despite a pending challenge from advocates for the disabled.

Cuomo administration officials are touring the state to help small businesses.

SuperPACs are challenging the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for influence in Congressional elections.

A health care defeat by the Supreme Court could be a victory for Democrats.

Newt Gingrich said people are begging him to stay in the race. Morning Read: Quinn for Labor; Divide on Stop and Frisk; Newt’s Beggars