Negative reception for UEZ proposals

TRENTON – The Sales and Use Tax Review Commission gave a thumbs down today to a group of new and old proposals to expand Urban Enterprise Zone designations.

The Commission urged the Legislature not to adopt the following:

A173, to make a UEZ in Belleville;

S212, to add a UEZ in Seaside Heights;

S722, to add UEZs in Garfield, Harrison and Keansburg as well as a joint UEZ in Cliffside Park and Fairview;

A1749, to add a UEZ in Harrison;

A430, which would create an Enterprise Zone program to encourage development in small, heavily developed towns;

A828, which would change the revenue allocation for UEZs;

A1403, which seeks to reduce the sales tax on admission and some concessions at amusement operations;

A2052, which would provide an exemption on energy-saving products;

One proposal receiving an affirmative vote was A883, which would mandate that sales by UEZ retailers of items delivered outside the UEZ shall not qualify for a partial exemption from the sales tax.

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Negative reception for UEZ proposals