New Candidate Files for 63rd State Senate Seat

Cecilia Tkaczyk (Photo: Facebook)

Cecilia Tkaczyk, a former senior legislative analyst for the New York State Senate, has filed paperwork for the newly created “63rd” State Senate district the Republicans created in the Capitol Region while increasing the overall size of their legislative body.

The Gazette Reporter, which first reported the committee, said Ms. Tkaczyk is a Democrat and a local school board president.

Her candidacy for the seat exists in inherently tricky waters as the Senate Democrats believe the new 63rd State Senate seat was unconstitutionally created and are suing to reduce the overall size of the chamber back to 62 seats. Furthermore, the gerrymandered plan systemically underpopulates Upstate seats while overpopulating New York City ones, so if the Democrats’ lawsuit were to be successful, this new district would have a hard time holding onto the core of its population.

Monica Arias Miranda, a former Assembly Ways & Means staffer, has also formed a committee and is another possible Democratic candidate.

The Republicans are said to have created the new seat specifically for GOP Assemblyman George Amedore, who has directly confirmed he will campaign for the district.

New Candidate Files for 63rd State Senate Seat