New York Post’s Egregious Trayvon Martin Cover Photo is Even Worse on the Inside

Keepin it classy (New York Post)

Today’s front page of the New York Post is sure to whip the public into a frenzy: showing a photo of three of the six Democratic senators (Kevin Parker, Bill Perkins, and Eric Adams) who chose to wear hoodies in Albany yesterday in solidarity of the family of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot in Florida for wearing suspicious clothing.

Of course, the Post chose to leave out two other senators who wore hoodies that day, because they were Caucasian. Because the argument that the lawmakers were using Mr. Martin’s death to push their own agenda that racial profile should be outlawed (yeah, what a terrible idea) wouldn’t have that extra oomph in the headline.

Except that after that dramatic image, overlain with the phrase “Trayvon Hoodwink,” the reporters didn’t deliver anything explosive in the actual story, which makes it that much worse. Grabby headline and then a story that actually speaks against its own reasoning, including several statements from Mayor Bloomberg about gun control laws, which he called “a disgrace.”

“They write ’em in Washington. They write ’em in the state capitals. The result is our children are being killed, or police offices are being killed.”

The race-baiting accusations actually come from Rev. C. L. Bryant, a former NAACP leader, who was speaking about Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton using Mr. Martin’s death to “racially divide the country.” See, if Rev. Bryant is saying that these people are race-baiting, who is the Post to claim otherwise? After all, they always take the word of African-American reverends with ties to the NAACP as gospel.

If you want a counter-point to Rev. Bryant’s analysis, look no further than across the page, where Chuck Bennett has a piece that begins “Trayvon Martin was the real aggressor in his deadly encounter with George Gimmerman…” and includes one “eyewitness” report of someone who saw Mr. Zimmerman on the ground after the shooting, and another person who heard a man screaming for help.

Hoodies up, everyone.

New York Post’s Egregious Trayvon Martin Cover Photo is Even Worse on the Inside