Oberon Media Cofounders Raise $1.5M for New Stealth Startup

Gamer guys Ofer Leidner and Tomer Ben-Kiki are working on a new venture.

Call it Sherlock Holmes syndrome, but when companies go into stealth mode, we can’t help but feel the need to do a little sleuthing.

Such is the case with Spring Inc., a startup we’d never heard of until yesterday that filed a Form D with the SEC for $1.5 million. The form listed Ofer Leidner as the executive associated with Spring. Mr. Leidner is the cofounder of Oberon Media, the world’s foremost casual gaming platform.

Oberon isn’t a household name, but dedicated gamers will know some of their work: Providing branded casual game experiences for some of the biggest companies out there like AT&T, Target and Yahoo, Oberon is responsible for many successful game franchises for both web-based and mobile play. Turbo Pizza, for example, is Mr. Leidner’s favorite; it’s a popular PC game where players work to build a family-owned restaurant franchise.

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