Observer Media Group Taps Carl Gaines to Edit New Real Estate Finance Magazine

The Observer Media Group has launched a new monthly magazine, The Commercial Mortgage Observer, covering all aspects of real estate finance in the New York tri-state region. The Commercial Mortgage Observer will be distributed monthly as a print supplement to The Commercial Observer, as well as in an e-mail newsletter, beginning March 28, 2012.

Carl Gaines has been named editor of the monthly magazine, which will be overseen in print and online by Jotham Sederstrom, the editor of The Commercial Observer.

“The addition of The Commercial Mortgage Observer will give the Observer Media Group the comprehensive edge in the reporting and interpretation of real estate in New York City and its environs,” said Mr. Sederstrom. “We expect that the depth of coverage we will be providing to the commercial real estate community will be exceptionally strong.”

Mr. Gaines, who will also contribute to commercial real estate coverage for The Commercial Observer, was previously the East Coast Editor for ALM’s Real Estate Media Group.

“We see a tremendous increase of activity in the arena of real estate financing and I am excited about expanding financial coverage through the publication of The Commercial Mortgage Observer,” he said. “I am very proud to be joining the Observer Media Group and look forward to helping to build this magazine into the leading source for finance news related to commercial real estate.”

The Commercial Observer and The Commercial Mortgage Observer have a new online home,, which launched Monday, March 5, 2012. Observer Media Group Taps Carl Gaines to Edit New Real Estate Finance Magazine