O’Toole rips ‘character assassination’ regarding Kwon

TRENTON – Sen. Kevin O’Toole responded with fury on the handling of personal documents of the Supreme Court nominees, calling the release of their questionnaires to the media “unprecedented.”

“Character assassination started Feb. 7,” O’Toole said, referring to the date when details of questionnaires  from Supreme Court justice nominees Philip Kwon and Bruce Harris were published in The Star-Ledger.

“Someone has to answer for leaked documents,” O’Toole said, adding that Kwon is being treated differently than any other nominee.

“It’s outrageous,” O Toole said, slamming his hand on the table.

Sen. Gerry Cardinale also defended Kwon on his level of transparency, adding that Kwon was making a financial sacrifice by remaining in public service.

“He could get a lot more money at a big law firm. We are dragging him with this innuendo. I don’t think there were any questions left open.” O’Toole rips ‘character assassination’ regarding Kwon