Pedro Espada’s Wife Prays For God To Smite Her Enemies

Pedro and Connie Espada in better days. (Photo: Facebook)

The wide of embattled former State Senator Pedro Espada is seeking some divine intervention in the trial of her husband and son. Yesterday, as one of Mr. Espada’s former employees took the stand and testified against him, his wife, Connie, posted a prayer request on her Facebook page.

“Lord pls pray us & pls keep all my enemies away, let them not be able 2 bring us harm Amen,” she wrote.

Mr. Espada and his son, Pedro G. Espada, are currently on trial for allegedly taking more than half-a-million dollars from the taxpayer-funded Soundview Health Clinic network they operated. Their trial began Tuesday. Several of Mr. Espada’s family members and associates received jobs with the clinic and the ex-senator allegedly used the cash for personal expenses including a six-figure meal tab.

On the witness stand, Maria Cruz, the former personnel boss at Soundview told jurors of the Espada family’s fondness for luxury cars. She also outlined Mr. Espada’s scant experience before landing his highly paid health clinic gig.

“I heard he worked in a restaurant — I think he was a cook,” Ms. Cruz said.

Soundview Health Clinic is currently engaged in a legal battle to stop the State Health Department from taking its Medicaid licence. In January, Ms. Espada made another Facebook post urging her friends to support Soundview Health Clinic and her family.

“We need to save Soundview Health Center, people outside of our area don’t care about Blacks & Latinos. We need united & fight for Soundview that our family & fight for family,” she wrote.

Read Ms. Espada’s Facebook posts below:

Pedro Espada’s Wife Prays For God To Smite Her Enemies