Permit Extension bill held from Senate vote

TRENTON – The Permit Extension Act has been held from a vote in today’s Senate session, two sources said.

The Senate held A1338/S743, which would grant extensions on government permits for two additional years, two sources said.

The bills, which business groups support but environmentalists oppose, would extend from Dec. 31, 2012 until Dec. 31, 2014, permit approvals on projects not yet undertaken.

Two sources confirmed the Senate would not vote on the bill today.  Its fate in the Assembly could not immediately be determined.

The state Chamber of Commerce lobbied its members to urge lawmakers to support the bill, stating that it would give developers more time to obtain financing for projects stalled in this sluggish economy.

But environmentalists oppose the bill, fearing it will give developers a chance to evade updated environmental regulations and even resurrect some projects that would otherwise have expired.

Permit Extension bill held from Senate vote