Peter Vallone Chases Down Rogue Dirtbiker

Peter Vallone on his motorcycle. (Photo: Facebook)

Councilman and motorcyclist Peter Vallone doesn’t like when his fellow bikers flout the rules of the road. Mr. Vallone saw a man on a dirtbike riding inside Astoria Park yesterday and he chased the rogue rider down to report him to the police.

“hey guy with the dirtbike, i saw you run it up into astoria park and ran your tail down with my bike and wrote down your license,” Mr. Vallone wrote on his Facebook page last night. 

Mr. Vallone gave the dastardly dirtbiker’s information to the local 114th Precinct.

“expect a visit from 114 tomorrow. guys like you give us all bad name…,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time this year Mr. Vallone has unleashed his unique brand of vigilante justice on Queens’ miscreants. In January, he dug through the trash to sic the Department of Sanitation on a man who illegally dumped household refuse in a public garbage can.

“i used some of my discretionary funds on these type cans, so pigs couldnt use them for their home or business garbage. so i took the bag out and went through it,” Mr. Vallone wrote.


Peter Vallone Chases Down Rogue Dirtbiker