Prediction Contest: Brooklyn Special

(Photo: Wikimedia)

Republican David Storobin has a mere 119 vote lead over Democrat Lew Fidler in last Tuesday’s State Senate special election, but that number is bound to change on Wednesday when hundreds and hundreds of absentee ballots begin to be counted.

What do you think the final margin will be?

Will Mr. Fidler pull ahead by 19? Will Mr. Storobin’s lead grow to 180? Will they be tied?

Email your prediction to in the next 48 hours, and, when the final tally is certified, I’ll post the predictions and grant bragging rights to those that came closest.

Of course, it might be a while depending on whether the result goes to an automatic hand recount or one of the sides launches a lawsuit during the process, so some level of patience may be required.

Prediction Contest: Brooklyn Special