Single-Serving Site of the Day: ‘Pictures of People Scanning QR Codes’

Single-serving sites continue to transcend the outward resemblance of being useful. They’re almost always better when paired with a performative aspect. When done well, The Single-Serving Site as Statement conveys a witty, sharp idea succinctly that offers only marginal functionality, if any. Besides, who needs a legitimately functional single-serving site when Twitter, desktop widgets, feeds, and SEO-baiting Huffington Post searches exist?

For example, while Babes of NPR might be interesting, fun to look at, and appeal to plenty of people, it’s not as useful, funny, or memorable as Did Buzzfeed Hire Anybody New Today?

Which is why, to be modest in praise, the following may be the most perfect single-serving site ever.

Last week, someone started a Tumblr:

It has 148 notes on one post—its only—that simply reads “No posts yet.

This modest joke, if you still need it explained to you, is that nobody sees anybody else using QR codes, ever. And that it’s an idiotic, square peg of an idea that advertising and marketing experts have unsuccessfully tried to shove down consumers’ throats.

And that is how you make a single serving site.

Above, the QR code to end all QR codes. Scan at your own risk of being totally blown away. | @weareyourfek

Single-Serving Site of the Day: ‘Pictures of People Scanning QR Codes’