Rangel Gets First Dem Club Endorsement

Charlie Rangel’s congressional campaign sent around a release this afternoon stating that the longtime Congressman had received his first endorsement of the primary season:  the Arturo Schomburg Democratic Club.

A old-school political club endorsing an incumbent is not ordinarily news, but there are a few items to note here.

Firstly, the club is in East Harlem, and that is has been confirmed that Mr. Rangel’s district is a plurality Latino, he will need to shore up support among community, especially if he faces a Latino challenger like Adriano Espaillat.

The second thing to note is that the club is the home club of Robert Rodriguez, an Assemblyman who took the seat long-held by Adam Clayton Powell IV, a two-time opponent of Mr. Rangel’s, proving that even though there are host of youngsters vying for Mr. Rangel’s seat, his hold on it has only increased as the years have gone on.

Full release below:


President Seth Steed said, “I am thrilled that our Club is the first to stand with Congressman Rangel as he pursues re-election. Mr. Rangel is, and has been, a tremendous force in politics and in our community for more than 40 years. Our Club will work tirelessly to see that he is re-elected and can continue his important work.”

“Wherever we are needed, we’re ready – our membership is fired up and ready to go for Mr. Rangel!

East Harlem Assemblyman and District Leader Robert J. Rodriguez, the Club’s Founder, applauded the decision: “There is no one else who can deliver for our community like Congressman Rangel. He is tried and true – bringing hundreds of millions of dollars in economic development, originating and standing by our community treasures, like Metropolitan Hospital and Taino Towers, and when I was in grade school, bringing funding to our school district that brought it from last place to 9 th in the City. I bring up these accomplishments that span several years because the Congressman has never lost that drive to not just be a great lawmaker, but to be a force of change and progress, head and shoulders above his opponents. If anyone can meet the attacks on social security, immigration rights and social services by the House majority, it is Congressman Rangel.”

Congressman Charles Rangel responded: “I thank Assemblyman Rodriguez, President Steed and all the members of the Arturo Schomburg Democratic Club for their many years of friendship and unwavering support for my campaign. With ASDC’s strong backing, I am confident about gaining the trust and votes of the majority in the new drawn congressional district. There’s still much to do to improve the lives of people inour community and to help President Obama keep moving America forward. I will do my best to win this opportunity to continue my work in Congress.”


Rangel Gets First Dem Club Endorsement